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Key is an Experienced Practitioner of Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

Certified since 2012!

Specializing in complex medical conditions: Cancer, Mastectomy Related Lymphedema, Edema, Auto-Immune Disorders, and Pre and Post Surgery Care, including plastic surgeries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon is it ok to receive lymphatic drainage after surgery, including plastic surgery?

A. Immediately after!! It is also performed before surgery to enhance the body's healing!!!

**Although regular massage is contraindicated, lymphatic work is safe. The reason why some surgeons say to wait until 6-8 weeks before getting a massage, is that any type of deeper pressure will compress the lymphatic system, which will impair healing. Swedish and Deep tissue can separate the muscle, impacting the repair of tissue and prolonging recovery time.

**Lymphatic Drainage is feather light touch, the weight of a nickel, using a pumping motion to enhance the lymphatic system. This reduces swelling and inflammation, removes cellular debris, and brings fresh oxygen to the area.

**It is quite possible that your surgeon does not understand Lymphatic Drainage. It is also imperative that you have a certified lymphatic therapist with specific training and experience to insure a safe treatment and outcome.


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Kyna (Key) Endreson

 Licensed & Registered Massage Therapist (2010)

Certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (2012)

Certified Cupping Therapist (2015)

B.S. Psychology (2006)


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